Monday, November 8, 2010

Bada OS's "App approval" pain

Recently I developed a simple free app for the Samsung WAVE. It is a simple "Tap Tempo" app: the user tap the screen according to the rhythm of a song and the app shows the BPM... Quite stupid, I know, but it is very handy.

I submitted it to the store and after a lot of days they sent me an email saying it wasn't accepted. Two of the reasons of the rejection were totally my fault, but the other ones are simply absurd:
  1. Under some circumstances if the user rotate the screen while tapping the app gives "impossible" BPM (e.g.: higher than 500).
  2. When rotating the screen with the system's notification bar shown, the "bpm" text label disappear for some millisecond.
  3. No "Help" nor "About" buttons.
Let me explain the first 2 points are totally their fault:
  1. I use the system timer to calculate the BPM and the strange behaviour of the app is due to the fact that, when rotating the screen, the phone doesn't process properly the touch events. So my app receives all the events in a smaller slot of time and therefore it calculates the wrong value.
  2. The forms in Bada OS are managed by the OS, so the incorrect refreshing of the screen is not something I can control in any way. I only designed the layout and let the OS take care of these things.
Now, the 3rd point:
When the user installs the app from Samsung Apps he/she reads the description about how it works and who developed it. Also, even a stupid could figure out in a moment how it work... after all, it does what every music related software with a function "Tap Tempo" does.

It should even be noted that NO ONE is gonna rotate the screen while he is tapping the screen.

I could understand this if it was for a paid app, but this is a free one. This process discourages developers to create simple and free util and other useful apps.

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