Thursday, January 22, 2009

KlonDuke 0.1

Here's my new useless software: KlonDuke
It's a graphical application based on the FLTK2 toolkit that lets you edit savefiles of the iPod game "Klondike".

(You must have already saved a game to use this tool)
It's really simple, just open it, click on "Open", select the "datafile" in the directory IPODDIR/iPod_Control/gamedata_RW/110xx (Where IPODDIR is the directory where the disk is mounted on unix-like systems or something like F: in Windows, and 110xx is the game ID starting by 110 with the last two digits changing from version to version), edit whatever you want (if it shows a wrong player name it's better that you simply close the program), click "save" and then "close" or "quit".

If something goes wrong you can delete the datafile from klondike's directory and the game will create a new one.


Sources: klonduke-0.1.tar.gz
SHA1 Checksum: 334d212c228e354a9643693f1ecd51b7c028763a
Linux binary: klonduke-0.1_linux.tar.gz
SHA1 Checksum: 5441f93807876dda33dfb8b454a86717647fdd8b
Windows binary: I'm having problem with FLTK2 and MinGW
Mac binary: I don't have a Mac!

If you want to make a precompiled executable that isn't listed there simply leave a comment. I need a Mac binary and a MS VC++ one (VC is better than MINGW).

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  1. Hey 3empty - I would be happy to give you info about the new vulnerability I'm working on. I would like to discuss privately over email though.

    Here's my email if you are interested:

    Talk to you soon.