Monday, June 6, 2011

Europe - Superstitious (Guitar Solo Backing Track)

A few days ago I learnt this awesome solo (I've done it on the keyboards, obviously :D) by Europe.
After something like, I think, 2 hours of learning it by ear and trying to play it at normal speed I managed to do it. So, I wanted a backing track to play along without the original guitar solo and... 5 minutes with a drum machine, an improvised bass guitar line and some PADs doing chords this is what I created, a nice sounding backing track of Superstitious:
Europe - Superstitious (Guitar Solo Backing Track).mp3

Feel free to drop a comment ;)


  1. Thanks a lot man! :D From El Salvador!

  2. SUPERB Backing track .. ive wanted this for years ! Well done, sounds really AUTHENTIC !!