Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Merge Google Maps chunks in a single, large, image

Yesterday I was asked by my brother (an art student in Venice) to write some kind of application to merge Minecraft-Overviewer map chunks in a single image for a project he is doing for an exam (I have not a clue of what he is gonna do :D).

Minecraft-Overviewer can be used to render Minecrat's maps and make them navigable in a browser using Google Maps API, so my python script actually works on any Google Maps image chunks.

To use it, just type in a terminal:
./mergeMap.py <blahblah/ZoomN> <output.ext>
Where "ext" can be any format supported by Python's PIL library (so PNG & JPG for sure).

With Zoom > 4 the processing time / disk space required / RAM required could easily become a problem and the OS could freeze ;)

Download: mergeMap.py
Screenshot: Zoom6.jpg Zoom5.jpg
(Sorry, no thumbinals... they are HUGE images :D something like 10K x 10K and 20K x 20K pixels)


  1. This script was exactly what I was looking for! unfortunately in the last 3 years Overviewer has significantly changed its format (as has Minecraft), so I wasn't able to use the script as-is but it was a great jumping-off point. My updated version of the script can be found at http://www.kellbot.com/2014/10/animating-build-progress-on-a-minecraft-server/

    1. Thank you for linking back to my blog. Btw the animation looks awesome :) nice job!